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Rev. Gerry T. Anderson

Rev Vanessa Anderson

Rev. Gerry T. Anderson has served as the pastor of the New Macedonia Baptist Church in Riverdale, Georgia since 1987.  Under his leadership, the membership grew rapidly from 175 members to 1,200 in the late 90’s.  The membership continues to grow with 1,200 members and still growing a new building would be needed.  In 1993 a new church was built on the land that was purchase.  The membership continues to grow holding three services on Sunday 7:45AM, 9:00AM and 11:00AM; by 2002 the membership soared from 1,600 to more than 2,700 active members to date.

On March 18, 2006 a vision was fulfilled as the New Macedonia family moved into their new edifice, a testimony of God's faithfulness. The new structure is home to a Production Ministry, Computer Lab, Duplication Studio, Administrative Offices and the Youth Chapel. Prior to serving at New Macedonia Baptist Church, Rev. Gerry T Anderson joined Chapel First Baptist Church in Scottsdale, Georgia where he served humbly as Junior Deacon and member of the Choir.  It was at that moment he knew God had called him to something greater. In 1981 he was ordained while under the anointed leadership of Rev. H.H. Dyer, Pastor of the Little Vine Baptist Church in Tyrone, where Rev. Gerry T. Anderson served as Associate Pastor.  Rev. Gerry T. Anderson was called to proclaim the Word of God in June of 1981 he assisted Rev H.H. Dyer with the ministry at Antioch Baptist Church in Griffin, GA.   In June of 1987 he was called to the pastorate of the New Macedonia Baptist Church where he has labored faithfully for over 26 years. 

Pastor Anderson has developed programs of evangelism, mission and education. Christian education classes that include discipleship training and our bible study meet 2 days a week. Tuesdays 7Pm and Wednesday at noon, Worship services are held Sunday morning at 7:45am and 11:00am.  During his tenure at New Macedonia Pastor Anderson have accomplished many goals the building of a new church in 1993, the addition of 50 different ministries, and most recently the completion of a multimillion dollar state of the art 1,300 seat sanctuary.

In addition to providing pastoral leadership to the New Macedonia Baptist Church, Pastor Anderson serves as president of Association of Christian Ministries (ACM) of Clayton County. Under his leadership, the membership has grown, Pastor Anderson is truly a man with Gods own heart, he provide the time to talk with you and minster to you in your trouble time during the lost of a love one or whatever it may be he takes the time to meet with you, he is truly a blessing to Clayton County and the surrounding area.

Pastor Anderson received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Beulah Heights University in Biblical Studies.  He earned his Master Degree in Theology from Andersonville Baptist Seminary School of Religion in Andersonville, GA, where he is currently pursuing his Doctorial Degree in Theology.

Pastor Anderson and his committed partner for over 31 years, Vanessa, they are the parents of three children (Rashel, Kyle and Quin). They are also the proud grandparents of five (Andrew, Kimberly, Joshua, Katlynn and Kyle Jr..

Pastor Anderson favorite motto “It’s a good day to be alive.”