Ministry of Stewardship & Finance



Our Officers


Cecil Cofield - DIRECTOR


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Vanessa Ennis – SECRETARY







Ministry of Stewardship & Finance




As a tier leadership ministry, the MS&F: Plans and promotes stewardship education in all areas of church life. Assists members in working towards becoming Economically Self-Sufficient (ESS). Helps provide accountability in the church through leading the development of the church’s yearly budget. Monitors budget compliance.



Functions of Ministry:


Consult with ministries annually to determine financial requirements for next year. Assist members in becoming financially self-sufficient. Periodically, review with ministry expenditures to ensure budget compliance. Provide quarterly reports on the work of the ministry. Provide financial projections and trend analysis. Plan & promote stewardship education. Prepare, maintain, and distribute tithing/offering envelopes. Recommend church financial policies and procedures. Develop and recommend annual budget. Provide member financial reports for members’ business meetings.


Our Members

Angela Gates
Jean Patten
Alzada Robinson
Shelia Watson