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The Church Trustees are responsible for the supervision and care of the entire property and equipment that belongs to the church. The Trustees set policies for the physical upkeep and maintenance of the church..  The Trustees are in charge of supervising building repairs, building additions, custodial services, and all contracts of the church.

Acts 6:3 states "Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, who we may appoint over this business." While this scripture does not specifically mention "trustee" it clearly states the qualification expected of all trustees. As such, the mission of this board is to carry out its duties to the Church and the community within which we serve the same purpose as that set forth by the disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

The Trustees mission is to faithfully care for and oversee all areas of the church property.  These duties include maintaining the building and grounds, ensuring that all equipment is in proper working order, overseeing the leasing or approval of the use of the church and to ensure the proper preparation of the sanctuary for worship and special events.

The Trustees are also charged with the safekeeping of all church records in coordination with the church clerk, reviewing and obtaining proper insurance and much more.

Our Officers
Chairman - Deacon Herman Turner
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Vice Chairman - Open

Secretary - Janice Pope